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Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Francesca and long term collaborator & producer Pippa Frith are developing a major new project: An Island Nation. An Island Nation will partner with 42 pairings of art organisations and swimming pools nationally and see Francesca swim a mile in each; the distance to France and back, in the municipal pools of the United Kingdom. She will talk to people who swim inland about what it means to Brexit, investigating who we are as an island nation of inland swimmers as we set sail to leave a union behind. And then she will tell you about the people she meets, the stories she hears and the swimmers she find. Watch a film about the project, check out the detailed call-out below, or download it here.

We are actively looking for partners at the moment, so if you think it might be for you, and would like a chat, please get in touch! This link will take you to Pippa's contact.

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