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'I live in a flat made of wooden walls, 70's carpet and doors that are locked from the other side. In the dark of the night, I listen to the building. It tells of finger prints on door handles, skin cells in the carpet, ghosts in the plumbing'

A dissection of the history of a building and its surrounding area in the south of Birmingham. 

Francesca tells stories about her beloved flat, the area it stands in, what it used to be, what it will become and the people that have populated it. 

It's a bit stand up, a bit biography, a bit documentary, a love affair with a local area to the tune of bad Karaoke.  

* * * * * "This is an incredible one woman show about an honest, charismatic, clever, sweet and most of all emotive relationship" THE UPCOMING

There's a Guardian interview here.

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The Forensics of a Flat was produced by Pippa Frith in association with Birmingham Rep supported by Arts Council England and the Sir Barry Jackson Foundation. It previewed at Birmingham Rep in 2014 and continued to tour at rural touring venues and arts centres nationally. 

I have now sadly left the flat, but still see Landlord for a drink and continue to sing bad karaoke when I can.

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