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Walking The Shroppie

 I've not cleaned those walking shoes since.

In September of 2015, Francesca walked from her home in Birmingham, 90 miles along the canal to The National Waterways Museum where she had been artist in residence funded by The Leverhulme Trust Artist in residence scheme since April last year 2014. 

Inspired by stories of a historic canal walk by Wolverhampton workers to start a new life in Ellesmere Port, She documented her walking and work in a blog below. There is a twitter storify of images here. Walking The Shroppie is a performance that re-imagines that walk as she tell stories old and new, tracing the footsteps of the people that built, boated, lived, worked and walked The Shropshire Union. The Shroppie being a fond term for The Shropshire Union. She performed Walking the Shroppie at The re-opening of the museum in February 2015 and in summer 2016. 

Francesca's blog about her time at the museum and the walk can be found here

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